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You've pushed my button!

Okay, now you’ve done it…. You’ve pushed my button. I’ve been a big believer in the influence of Personality Archetypes for a long time now so here goes. My principle reference on Myers-Briggs analysis is the Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site (

It was at the 1984 Libertarian Party convention that when the attendees self-tested, some 80% came out as NT’s 'rationals' (, who are the smallest group, comprising as little as 5 to 10 percent of the population. What does that tell ya’? The next group are NF’s 'Idealists' (, who are relatively rare, making up no more than 15 to 20 percent of the population. Next, SP’s 'Artisans'
(, are 30 to 35 percent, and SJ's 'Guardians' ( are 40 to 45 percent. My ideological shorthand for these groups is that NT's are libertarians, NF's are empathic liberals and progressives, SP's are pragmatists, and SJ's are social conservatives.

NT's live to understand.
NF's live to feel.
SP's live to take action.
SJ's live to serve.

Extending what has already been said here, rational libertarians are the only ones who care one wit about process, or how some event happens. All that the other personalities care about is the result. If working hard and saving can get everyone what they want, then great. But if we can get what we want by magic, or by the government, then that's ok too. Rationals want to know how the goose can lay its golden eggs. Everyone else just wants the eggs, and more of 'em!

The SP artisans covet flexibility and freedom of action above all else. In every negotiation they will insist that everything that everyone has is negotiable. No dogmatisms for them. Unfortunately, this means that they are as intolerant of inflexible liberty as they are of inflexible tyranny. SP's oppose all ideology on principle. Pun intended.

The SJ guardian is always looking to authority to tell them what to do. They usually require outside validation for what is right and wrong. Once they have formed an opinion, they are the most reluctant to be open to new information. Any system that thinks of truth as provisional and subject to change is likely to make SJ's uncomfortable. Guardians often react as though offering someone temptation to engage in vice as little different from committing a violent act.

The NF empaths believe deeply that so long as anyone suffers thru no fault of their own, that the world is unjust. They are often more concerned with the welfare of others who are in physical need, than they are with the welfare of those who are better off. Life boat ethics are basic ethical common sense to these guys. Most of all, NF's think of wealth as fixed or zero summed. Life boats again. Why worry about planting seeds next spring,... there are people starving and in immediate need this winter. When in conflict, these guys believe it is very important to build a consensus to resolve the problem. Ronald Reagan saying "Peace is not the absence of Conflict. It is the ability to handle conflict through peaceful means.", is largely a mystery to NFs, while being immediately apparent to NTs as obvious.

The NT rationals believe deeply in the sovereignty of our own free will. Erich Fromm (NF) was not talking about us when writing, "The Fear of Freedom" ( The others often prefer an environment that gives a person a sense of self-worth and self-identity. Think living in the medieval period, where one's birth largely determines one's role in life. NT's MUST create our own self-identity. This is because we MUST understand for ourselves, and for understanding's sake itself, what to believe about everything. NT rationals distrust knowledge merely based upon authority. Nts are likely to think of respect as due to admiration, rather than to fear. We strive to make mistakes only once, while recognizing everyone must be free to learn from their own mistakes. Socially, we often prefer to understand others rather than judge others. Discovering efficacious principles is gold to us, as we understand, far more than the others, that truthful principles are useful in the same why a SP artisan understands the utility of a tool.

So what has been learned. Libertarians have a tough job, is what! Consider why NT rationals are so rare. It's because when political, religious, and other such purges would be conducted, NTs would be the only ones willing to die on principle! Consider the fate of Giordano Bruno. We are an independent and stubborn bunch. NTs often have a better relationship with science, technology, and math, than with people. While nature is often subtle, it's never malicious. People often are.

NF empaths are our greatest adversaries because everyone else listens to them. They are the most charismatic and attractive of all the personalities. Writers, actors, and journalists, are all likely to be NFs. Unfortunately, they are absolutely committed to distributing wealth rather than to investing it to create more wealth. They really do not believe in wealth being open summed. Hence, the belief that humanity is a curse on the environment, that we are always about to run out of finite resources, that the worse thing in the world would be for everyone in the developing world to achieve the same living standards achieved by the free market. While actions are judged by results achieved, NFs are more likely to judge actions by their intention. Markets allow people to pursue selfish profit, so they're probably bad. Governments look out for people, so government is better motivated than businesses. NFs are often greatly offended by people caring more for themselves, their friends, and people they know, than for perfect strangers. Hence coercive charities. Suggest to a NF that government charity is to voluntary charity as rape is to consensual sex, and they'll go epileptic. NFs always take special pride in having the moral high ground. Soveignty should always be based upon who has the best good intentions. Consider that communism has successfully existed for as long as there have been insect societies. And that is the standard of utopia than many would drag us to, even at the price of death camps. The intended result is everything. The means are merely means. More than any other, NFs believe that results inevitably flow from will. If results are not forthcoming, then it must be because of opposing wills,... nothing else.

My goodness,... looks bad, doesn't it? As Bill Maher might say, the people want socialism that works, like the europeans have for instance. So what are my suggestions?

SJs guardians, who will be voting in the Republican primaries in droves, need to be told over and over again that enlisted military personel want Ron Paul and not some McCain lookalike Neocon. I can not emphasize this enough. These guys would never imagine that active military personel would ever give up fighting pyrrhic battles putting down angry hornet's nests. Go figure. People in the military want to die for a good cause, and not in meaningless exercises for no good purposes. As you might imagine, SJs have a hard time folding a bad poker hand. Only military personel, in person, on television and the regular Main Stream Media, will be sufficiently persuasive. The Ron Paul campaign, like Ronald Reagan's campaign, is going to have to go straight to the people thru paid advertising. The Media ain't gonna do it for us. SJs don't trust information they discover for themselves. It must come from authorities they trust. You might also try to persuade SJs that actually God did not make a mistake in giving humanity free will, even though we often misuse it. But this is always going to be a tough sell.

SPs are simplier. Just show them what we are doing ain't working and never will.

NFs are tough. They believe that if the United States government can send men to the moon, then it should be rather simple to cure poverty. They really believe this. No joke. Keynesian economics that says one has one's cake because one eats it is very intuitive to NFs. Wealth from savings and production is so stodgy when compared to the easier wealth arrived at by means of debt and inflation. Money is wealth, isn't it? Maybe counterfeiting is a crime when an average criminal does it, ... but not if a bank or a government does it. Let us make the minimal wage twenty dollars an hour, and end poverty. Heck, why not a hundred dollars! Higher minimal wages can not result in higher unemployment because society created minimal wage laws to help people, not to hurt them. And results have to follow intent, right? Like civil rights activists, who support affirmative action because they really don't believe minorities can succeed under the same standards as the majority, NFs have no confidence that freedom and liberty can be of any real use to the poor. If we can convince them that the poor can succeed under equal opportunity, then we'll have them. Good luck. We can't even convince NFs that the poor are capable of choosing their children’s school.

Is it really any wonder that the lemmings have always been in control?

For more, see "I Trust You" (

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own."
Sir Richard Burton

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe