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I have not heard Schiff

I have not heard Schiff mention Cain in a positive light since the first or second debate. Regarding the 9-9-9, all I have heard Schiff do is condemn it, and Cain and promote Paul and Johnson (I listen to the radio show and check out the video blog sometimes, but maybe you have other info).

I admit I did not like the initial reaction of schiff to cain in the early debates.

I agree Schiff did a good job here in my opinion.

Schiff on Cain's 999 Shiff gets to the bottom of the fallacy's of Cains plan if you watch the entire video, especially around 5 minutes.

I like a consumption tax myself, provided we end the IRS, and the consumption taxes does not generate more revenue than the current system. For example I think the touted fair tax and other mainstream alternatives to taxing my income, essentially provide more revenue to the state and feds.
EDIT: I actually do NOT like like Any Tax :D I am implying that I think a consumption tax that is geared to fund a much smaller role of government seems reasonable. If I want to drive on gvmt roads, it could be funded with a gas tax rather than a
recovery "stimulus" project that only increases deficits. If I need an honest court, maybe a court cost could be imposed, or in some cases make the looser pay. I sometimes think a third party mediation that is private might be a better option for civil disputes.

I do NOT think the government should be in the business of doing business, and the individual should be free to determine money (competing currencies like Ron Paul proposes and F.A. Hayak wrote about).

It seems reasonable a government could protect citizens private property and enforce contracts, but it is obvious this government has no interest in doing either.
--end edit--

I want the government to require less revenue and a smaller role in my life, and I think Schiff does too.