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Maybe contributions should be voluntary?

I used to favor a consumption tax, now I am not sure.
I owned and operated a retail store for 10 years. This meant I was a tax agent for the state of Michigan. I was responsible for collecting the tax from my customers and forwarding to the state treasury.

To burden retailers with the job of being an IRS agent for the Federal government is repulsive to me, based on my experience.

Originally, Federal revenues were collected by the many States and apportioned by population. The House controls the government purse strings. The Senate, was appointed by state legislatures before the 17th Amendment. The Senate was responsible to the State legislatures and represented the tax collecting authority of each State.

So the people's House might have grandiose plans, but the State's would inform their Senators that they would not or could not collect the required taxes.

So, Lincoln destroyed state's rights and the 17th amendment finished the paperwork. This destroyed the Constitutional tension between the wants of the people as expressed by the House and each State's Senators expressing the un-willingness to collect the needed taxes.

If not voluntary taxation, at least return collection to the States and repeal or ignore the 17th amendment as an optional addition to the Constitution. Instead of the Congressionally established IRS fully insulated from public influence, let us return the task to the State legislatures elected by the people of the State.

Check and balances on money matters.

Free includes debt-free!