Comment: Meet the press was a hit job

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Meet the press was a hit job

The entire interview was about trying to squeeze something out of Dr Paul that they could make misleading headlines from.

They probably had all the possibilities planned in advance, just trying to make him say *anything* that they could misrepresent. Now, they got him on student loans, and WHAM - the propaganda machine kicks into high gear instantly, and the only thing about Paul the MSM has covered in years is suddenly echoed in every news outlet everywhere, simultaneously.

Dr Paul isn't fighting back, and that is probably what upsets you. But he knows there is no point in fighting back the way they want politicians to fight back. They have legions of highly intelligent, top salary spin doctors and full control over practically every source of "information" in the world. And if he actually fought back successfully, if push came to shove they'd just make his airplane "malfunction".

Instead, Dr Paul keeps telling the truth and spreading the message of liberty. Then it's up to us who can hear to convince the feeble-minded sheeple who seem to take the idea of education not even leading to a job costing hundreds of thousands of dollars as the natural state of affairs.