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hypocrite republicans

you probably won't find too many examples of him cosponsoring or introducing legislation on this issue because the Sanctity of Life Act alone, if it were passed, would accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished at the federal level. i assume he has not consponsored bills introduced by other memebers of congress because there simply hasn't been any that are worthy of supporting. you know, even when the hypocrite republicans had control of both houses of congress AND the white house, absolutely nothing was done for the pro-life cause. very few republican congress critters are truely pro-life as they pretend to be. only ron paul and maybe a very few others have any credibility at all in their claim to be pro-life. to prove this point, just look at the popularity of flipper romney who has a terrible record on the life issue, vs. the hatred for ron paul that is displayed by the hypocrite pseudoconservatives of the mainstream republican establishment. also consider how few cosponsors dr. paul was able to find for his Sanctity of Life Act. consider the fact that phoney pro-lifer pat robertson endorsed the vile and disgusting pro-abort rudy julie-annie in 2008. ron paul virtually stands alone as a true pro-lifer in congress. he knows introducing addition pro-life legislation will not be receive well in washington.