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Comment: We Need to Go After the Over 50s

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We Need to Go After the Over 50s

As we know Paul is doing very well with the under 50 years age group.
We need to get the support of the older generation.
Wy don't we start a pledge to get out an info pack to 5 over 50 years young person. And ask those who become a supporter as a result to do the same thing. That way we could get to a large number of people. It does't mean we don't do online education but that is where we fall short and we relying on TV commercialls.
Lately more and more people are posting in different blogs that they started to look at dr Paul more seriously and as a result they endorsing him now.
In marketing they say that on an average people need 7 exposure to buy something. So we need to get to these people again and again (without become annoying)