Comment: I don't believe this.

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I don't believe this.

Really, I don't believe it... not at all. I don't believe for a second that Newt is popular. And I feel like continuing to "expose" or bring down every candidate that they prop up is not working. It's like they have an unlimited number of candidates and we have such a short amount of time to knock their lights out each time one pops up.

I don't know how, but something must be done about these fake polls. I firmly believe that Ron Paul has more supporters than any other candidate, but that these polls 1) successfully keep potential Paul supporters in the dark, and 2) successfully lead us RP supporters to believe that Ron Paul's message is "slow growing," at best.

While the message always needs spreading, I think there are enough people in support of him to elect him. We are simply being lied to, and they will win because of it.

Something must be done. I have no idea what... but something must be done. There are too many of us for this to go down this way...

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich