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I think you exposed the


"Forget the Federal Reserve issue. I don't think its something people see as a hang up, and many agree about. I'm talking environment, corporate abuse, modern day problems that people have come to believe can only be solved by stricter control and regulation."

If people RESEARCHED the CONTROL & POWER the Federal Reserve is welding then they would understand it's influence on all of the issues you listed and then some like candidates who are back by the banksters and their influence on the WORLD money supply.

People dismiss the cause and move on to the symptoms. It is all about following the money.

Corporations have close ties to the banksters and politicians. In my state, the polluters were the state dumping raw sewage in the water. How does implementing more laws and regulations do any good?

Laws and regulations are for controlling honest people, dishonest politicians and corporations don't live by rules.

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