Comment: This video shows the hypocrisy within the OWS movement.

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This video shows the hypocrisy within the OWS movement.

But first, let me say that yes I do support the anyone's right to peacefully protest and yes I do support their cause against Crony Capitalism & Corporate Welfare.

The hypocrisy is thus: The 99% who on the one hand, --- correctly see the 1% insider incestuous relationship between some super large WS Corporations and the Federal Government. They correctly see the fact that the 99% have 'lost their government" to the 1% who have "bought" the government. So far so good,

But then on the other hand, --- the 99% want to "tax the rich 1%". That is they want the 1% to "pay more of their share". That is their solution and it will surely backfire badly.

So what is the hypocrisy? The hypocrisy is this, The OWS crowds want the 1% to give more of their private wealth over to the government, which is an INSTITUTION OF POWER & FORCE that the 1% already control and we the 99% do not control. That means more power and control for the 1% to "legally" control, use, and abuse the 99%. That means more money for Police to Beat the Protesters. That means more guns and tanks and empire. That means MORE centralized control, not decentralized power to the masses. More taxes paid by the elites means MORE LAWS that are not conducive to more Equality & Liberty, yes taxing the 1% means more Slavery & Oppression for 99%. By sending still more monies to government, by allowing the government that we do not control (have we ever controlled it?) to then SPEND it as the 1% insiders will surely direct it to THEIR selfish purposes, we in the 99% will forever be debt-slaves, tax slaves, and soldier-slaves all legally controlled through government by the 1%. Which is to say, nothing changes.

So what then is the solution? Answer: Shrink the INSTITUTION OF POWER & FORCE. That is, shrink the Government. Decentralize power back to the people. Restrict government's power-thus the power of the 1%, by cutting of all government funding. Most of all, government gets its power through money, the power to tax and Spend,,,, so the 99% should turn against all government taxing and spending, shrinking the power of government, thus shrinking the sphere of influence that the 1% can have over us 99%.

A small government gives the 99% the greatest social Equality & Liberty.

Here is the video of police hurting an Iraqi vet:

In peace, liberty & equality,

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