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Comment: Need something for this type of physically threatening

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Need something for this type of physically threatening

encounters in light of this Schiff encounter: video

guy is practically waving fists in peter's face. it's also a type of debate technique regardless.. you're sending subtle hints of physical violence and it can trigger primitive mechanisms in the other person and slow down his brain function.. this may be one of the most primitive yet effective street smarts.. and i expect we will be seeing more and more of this. even peter schiff here obviously isn't used to this type of situation. think of a strategy now, before you actually encounter it. it will be too late.

not just a verbal response. imagine yourself being verbally insulted and intimidated but not down to the level of actual and physical threat (and on purpose, because if the other side actually threatens violence, it diminishes him, so he stares you down and use lots of body language that only you will notice, and if you lose debate you lose fair and square in other people's eyes), how you can still argue effectively, even when being yelled over, because you simply can't expect as much of a good, 'civil' debate environment when out in the streets, especially dealing with these people.