Comment: I love Schiff, but NOT this

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I love Schiff, but NOT this

I love Schiff, but he's playing into the real enemy's "divide and conquer" strategy.

While he is part of the 1%, Schiff isn't part of the evil that these people are protesting (albeit unconsciously)

If Schiff wanted to truly educate these people, he should have told them--"Listen, I think my fair share of taxes is ZERO percent."

After a chorus of boos, he could then say-

"But I also think YOUR fair share should be ZERO percent. You see, it's just an illusion that our tax dollars go toward paying for government services. They don't. Government services are paid for in debt. The 1983 Grace Commission study showed that all of our tax dollars go towards paying interest on the debt, period. It's like the government is just making the minimum payments on a credit card, year after year with our tax dollars..."

"But who do they, for the most part, make those interest payments to??...."

"The Federal Reserve! The unaccountable, unelected, unauditable, private member-bank owned government-front for the wealthiest of the wealthy. And they LOVE that you hate me, a business owner who employs people. Because, the thing is, you direct all your anger at me which serves as a diversion so that you don't notice them."

That's how to educate these people. Most of them don't even know why they're protesting, they just know something isn't right in the world. Our job should be to redirect their justified anger away from the hand that feeds them and toward the hand that picks their pockets.