Comment: Obama will be reelected if we

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Obama will be reelected if we

Obama will be reelected if we do this, but does it really matter? No matter how much the GOP may spout and sputter and deny that both parties are same, history has proven that both parties are big government parties. That's the fact. I dare the GOP to try and deny it. Does anyone really think that the republicans will get the government out of our health care? That's a pipe dream. Just look at the GOP debates. Except for Ron Paul, none of them want to cut the size of government. They just want to fiddle with the tax code. We can expect an economic collapse with both parties.

The American people will be complicit unless they vote for Ron Paul. Heck, Herman Cain leads the polls right now despite his history of supporting TARP and the Federal Reserve. (Alan Greenspan was best fed chairman according to Cain?!?!) We are indeed a sorry lot.