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Don't know who you're referring to as the "real enemy"

Just hope it's not more NWO bs.. if you're saying the whole spontaneous order of the whole country can be successfully manipulated forever, then you've proven the free market theory wrong because it theorizes that the market forces is the MOST powerful thereby inherently contradict the theory that a few elites can successfully manipulate the world markets.. if you are right and free market is wrong, it would be more effective to just have the elites rule us, since they are smart enough to steer everything to directions as they will. our concerns then should be getting 'good elites' since their intellect are so above ordinary humans, not get rid of them. get over it, 'elites' try and go, they aren't that smart. what you're seeing here is real.. it's a real mistake made by a collective of the older generation and their unrealistic pursuit of an economic utopia.. if you're not another one of those NWO paranoids, disregard this.

my point is schiff knows what he is dong.. he is the master attention hooker.. he went around with those signs to attract the most passionate ows leaders to debate him.. if he just went on to talk to some bottom people not leading these movements, it would be much less effective, because people won't pay attention and these people aren't so mouth-smart in the first place. don't proclaim that peter schiff is 'helping' 'the enemy' so confidently like you just came back from interviewing god or something. he knows what he is doing and it's exactly as he intended. if you think he's not doing well enough, you can always try. no offense but too many people sit around pointing at this movements' leaders 'well this can be done better' 'well that there is not good enough'.