Comment: Great work by peter

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Great work by peter

Great work by peter Schiff.

The protesters are plain wrong on everything. Its just a matter of exposing it.

They don't think.
The first problem is the protesters don't distinguish between the 1% who got their wealth honestly and morally(like Peter Schiff) and those who have got it Immorally (Govt and federal reserve, Bernie Maddoff).
Anyone who has money is automatically in the immoral camp because they think the only way to get the money is by dishonest means. That's how they would get the money. They think they are just getting their own money back.

The government and federal reserve have taken far more of her money than peter schiff ever has.

I thought it was funny the look on the woman's face at the end when you could see on her face the smile when she realised she was wrong. Her belligerent technique was no longer working as peter is very eloquent.

Are there any more of these videos from Peter?

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