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Comment: It's not.

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It's not.

He polled 1% behind Cain in NH and nationally he's moved up in IA from 8% (I believe) to 12%.. Granted these are not leaps forward but they are gains.

The majority of the polls are less than accurate because of how they poll but they favor the status quo so it works just fine for them.

I think they are doing a good job, I just think people have a normalcy bias. They'll go with what scares them the less and what feels familiar even at their own detriment at times.

Just keep pushing. Plenty of stories are floating around about new supporters switching over. I have some myself. I also see lots of support when the local meetup groups are sign waving.

Seriously.. It sounds like a friggin traffic jam all day from all of the horns that are honking.

A lot more people support Dr.Paul than those polls will hint to and that's the way it's meant to play out.

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