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You make an interesting point

You make an interesting point in saying that the "elites" cannot successfully manipulate the "free market of ideas" forever because market forces eventually win out, but I think what you fail to realize is that "NWO Conspiracy loons" such as myself ARE PART OF those market forces. And because we've been proven right and predicted so many things our market-value is steadily rising.

I would also argue that this is not a true free market of ideas, but rather a cronyist, manipluated idea-market. If you have the CIA behind this movement, or you have George Soros trying to steer this movement, then it's a manipulated and un-free market...but it doesn't have to be. As with all "manipulated markets" the first step to freeing them is to turn a light on (like auditing the FED, labeling GMO's, etc) and allow people to see what ideas they're actually purchasing, and who the seller is. What this manipulated marketplace-of-ideas which produces OWS amounts to is a marketplace run amock with fraud.

And I know you're giggling at my confidence in these "conspiracy theories" but I should mention that there's plenty of historical precedent for my asessment of the devil's hand guiding OWS- The Black Panther movement, for instance, began as a way for black people to protect themselves and their neighborhoods from crime, since the police were failing them. They armed themselves and were purely focused on defense...good group, until Cointelpro steered them in a violent, militant direction. The modern militia movement is the same such instance. And more recently, the Tea Party is another example of a movement (started by us, the Ron Paulites!) and yet has been steered by the Koch Bros, Perry and Palin into another direction.

Listen, I just don't think it's right to continually divide ourselves and hate our brothers. The left says the same thing "The Tea Party is a bunch of idiots for wanting to cut taxes and spending" but that's because, in the Tea Party--which we started--our intelligent voices have been drowned out by all the beer belching and Koch can-opening once the Johnny-Come-Lately's arrived. Instead of dividing ourselves into more moronic groups, we ought to be uniting by what we have in common (or as Ron Paul says "build coalitions").I don't have to converse with "God" to know that OWS is being steered by the PTB, I just have to pay attention to the real world as the evidence is abundant BUT EVEN IF I'M WRONG ABOUT OWS being Occupied by CIA and Soros, I know it's wrong to hate and disparage people for having a gut-sense that something's wrong in the world. I think our energies are better spent educating and trying to come together with people instead of belittling and dividing further...oh, and to come to THAT conclusion, I actually do converse with God.