Comment: Let them be heard

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Let them be heard

One thing I learned from being in customer service and sales, is that if you want to get accross to someone who is upset, the most expedient way is to first let their grievances be heard. Regardless of whether or not they are right, people want to vocalize their frustration with someone who matters. In my case, it was me since I was an employee of the company. In Peter Schiff's case(in this video), it's the 1%. He even had a sign that said, "I am the 1%..."

Why not allow them to finally vent to a rich guy in front of a camera, then give respectful and legitimate responses. Of the thousands of people that I've helped, this usually seems to work pretty much across the board. Now I know this is not a one on one setting, and the crowd may not provide the same courtesy. But if you don't let people say what they're itching to say, they aren't really listening to you. They're waiting for their chance to speak. Let them say what they gotta say, then they'll be listening for your response.

This is not to say the video wasn't entertaining. It looks good on the internet. And Schiff was spot on. I just don't know how effective it was at getting across to those people, especially since the video cuts off, but it kinda seemed like debating for debates sake.

I'm saying an approach more along the lines of "I understand you're frustrated, and let me tell you why you should be" might be more effective.