Comment: Media polls are just another

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Media polls are just another

Media polls are just another scam. Here's how it goes:

You need to poll people, and you need to make it look semi realistic, and not too outrageously off from reality. So, you decide you need 1000 people from across the USA for your poll (which is statistically insignificant btw). So then you just look at where various candidates have visited, and the history of their voters, and then pick areas where you know the semi-random person (or perhaps not at all random) you call will likely vote for the candidate you want. So that way, you can basically adjust the poll however you want to get roughly the results you want.

Of course, after you go through all that, and your poll isn't quite right, no biggie, just keep calling people, exclude those you don't want, until you get the results your looking for.

Why go through all this? Because it's good business. The media seems to want Romney in, which would make sense as he is the most liberal and "Obama-like" and least likely to shake the boat of the group. But it's good business to have these other candidates shoot up in the polls, then they kill them with bad reports. Keeps people watching those commercials.