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Here is the comment I left

Here is the comment I left him:
I am Jewish and support Ron, and did so in the last election. I guess even anti-Semitic people know a good President when they see one. Since Ron NEVER groups individuals by religion, sexual preference, gender,, one can be certain that he would never hate nor love us by a collective name..well..maybe his "supporters", and that is all.
I find your article not only racist, Levin, but you can not see the forest for the trees. Constitutionally, our country was to be the FREEST one for any "group" to speak as they liked, and never hurt another being, but in self defense. I think you should ask yourself what kind of a President YOU want, because Dr. Paul is the one that can save this country. Even mean and sultry divisive type people like you will be welcomed to support him. We sure do not have to LIKE everyone who does.

P.S. to all you DPers..SEE? There is no need to post hateful things in this forum. They spread much farther than you think.