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Comment: I think Schiff is great

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I think Schiff is great

I also think he mistakenly played into the polarization of the "99% vs. 1%"

I watched the longer 18 minute version on youtube. I think if Schiff had taken a position of education and empowerment rather than making himself a target of anger he might have won these protesters over and given them some real insider advice on what is happening with the economy.

Many of the OWS folks are justifiably mad, but clueless. They don't really know who to blame so they are pointing fingers at "Capitalism" because it is an easy and simplistic target.

As much as I agree with Schiff on the points he made, he definitely antagonized those people and pushed all their buttons. Instead, he could have approached them with less bravado and given a speech on the real root of their problems, then fielded questions afterward. In my opinion that would have been much more effective, but probably wouldn't have made for good tv.