Comment: donation wave small potatoes compared

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donation wave small potatoes compared

A win in Iowa would definitely bring in a wave of donations. But the wave of donations would be small potatoes, in terms of traction value, compared to the wave of people who will file paperwork seeking GOP nomination for Congress. Strong local organization is established via Congressional races and translated into more support for our Presidential candidate in those districts. That's "traction" heading into super Tuesday.

A top 3 finish in each of the first 3 states would be a affirmation of mainstream popularity of Paul's positions, for many candidates running for Congress who may otherwise be hesitant to take the leap and run with it. But a clear win in Iowa would expedite these decisions.

Follow up a win in Iowa with a win in New Hampshire and I would go so far as to predict a synergy effect where we could end up with a Ron Paul platform candidate seeking nomination in damn near every Congressional district in the United States.