Comment: It will probably be spun as

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It will probably be spun as

It will probably be spun as if he is too busy campaigning and pra ora taizing ;) and that he will participate in the debates on the road, etc etc. bla bla bla.

Whatever his reasons. It puts him on par with Gary Johnson.. but with more money and a media darling. It is not going to change much in my opinion. It will change yes, but not too much. They probably will start propping up some of the two left that have not been propped up yet. Santorum or Gingrich.

That's my take. It will be interesting to see how his polling number will evolve or devolve. One thing is for sure. The Ron Paul Campaign will need to pull hard these coming weeks. They are doing it already as far as I believe and can see. All they need is one polling number solidly above 15% and they can use that to ignite everyone! Let it be sooner than later.

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