Comment: only if all other taxes were eliminated

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only if all other taxes were eliminated

if I had to choose. I'd choose "no taxes", but you know what they say about death and taxes....

anyway, if forced to choose, i'd choose a sales tax.

savers would be rewarded.

i despise land and real estate taxes, aka property taxes might as well rent.

i'm not real keen on income tax, i've been paying them for a long time, and i think they're stupid.

i'm against the death tax as much as property taxes.

so the only tax that i support, in a lesser of all evils, is consumption/sales tax.

the government already wishes they had a way to tax people buying/selling used goods, so that's not a real argument, if they find a way, they'll do it regardless of what are national tax is based on...

that's my off the cuff take. i would like to buy my land, own it outright for real, leave it to someone of my choosing and only be bothered once at the beginning with the sales tax of the land, and be unencumbered after that.