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Percieved by who

Perceived by Lord and Levin....and I could post Levins hate against the Paul supporter going back to 2007, do you want more ?
The goal of Levin and Lord is to create dissension among the Paul ranks, I will work to prevent and stop any such false dissension.
Ron Paul is not anti semitic, neither is the DailyPaul. Any anti semitic spew on this site is policed, swiftly and without tolerance.
The rant you posted was hating on Mark Levin, it was confined to his loyalty to a foreign nation and Mark Levins attacks on the Paul support as a group, all inclusive.

Levin attacked us, four years ago, and has not let up. We will not cower to this bully. Not now, not ever.
He makes a claim like this every month or so, and each time we pulverize him for it. His ratings are going down and the other neo con talking heads have learned their lesson, Rush and Hannity will say good things, Levin only spews hate. His influence is ours now, we will take his support from him.

Same stuff went on with Hannity, we are winning that fight and will win this one - why, because we are RIGHT !!!!

He broadcast over public airways, it is well within our standards and principle to steal his audience from him and we intend to do it, one false attack at a time. Go read the comments section in Lords article, we are winning !