Comment: Another hit piece from Lord,

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Another hit piece from Lord,

and why is anyone surprised? This guy seems to have made it his full time occupation to sabotage Ron Paul's campaign any way he can. He comes onto this site (probably more than he lets on) strictly looking for things he can try to use against Paul. Is he right? Not in the least.

What's wrong with being against the Banking Elite who are bent on destroying this country? They--through their control of the media--have made the term "anti-semite" worse than any other utterable phrase. Rupert Murdoch (owner of the News) is a member of Likud-the radical Jewish political sect.

Jeffrey Lord is likely working for them directly. Perhaps the Bilderbergers have recruited him for this very reason. Yes, I think he is a mouthpiece for the Federal Reserve owners. Ron Paul attacks the Fed and the military-industrial complex and threatens their existence. We talk about the evil reality behind this (as is our right and which has nothing to do with Ron Paul)and they jump on this, saying "Look! Anti-semites!!" This has nothing to do with race as far as I am concerned. If nationality comes into it, it is of the agenda of others. We are only against the blatant, treacherous actions designed to eradicate the sovereignty of the U.S. and propel the world toward a global government.

This piece is nothing short of contemptible. This sycophantic piece of Crap Jeff Lord is a media puppet of the Bankers who are out to ruin the dollar. They'll stop at nothing. Don't forget, Kennedy was shot soon after he started printing interest-free money independently of the Fed. God bless Ron Paul.

John F