Comment: Then why did NOT the People of TX "beat the snot out of him"

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Then why did NOT the People of TX "beat the snot out of him"

in the election? Instead, the People elected him to be the Governor - a mini-Bush. Corrupt, hypocrite, a blood thirsty warmonger, neocon, who has already shown his true colors during the debate in Simi Valley CA (grabbing hands, finger pointing and the intimidating look at Ron Paul)...

Why did the people elect him *after* "the snot was beaten out of his face?" Is it because people are ignorant, or because people are uneducated, or because people who elect despots just like to elect despots?

While spreading the truth, we need devise a plan to make the change to last for a long term. Not just for this primary election. Nor for this presidential election... But for each and every local, state and national election there is from now on until the day we die and our children inherit this Great Nation from us.

Get involved. Learn how to. Grow to the stature of being a grown up, involved and well educated person who deserves attention and respect.

Let's not allow another puppet like "Perry" to be elected into office. Can we do this? I believe we can do this!