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I just..

got in from a night out on the town.. and nobody understands freedom, iI have come to the conclusion that most people do not understand freedom because they do not understand themselves. A lot of people do not not what exactly they need. Its like a smoker who has not had a cigarette for the day, and they are confused as to what their craving may be.Blaming their craving on sweets , and everyone else's attitude when they know damn well it is a cigarette that they crave. Addiction causes confusion and in mises's human action theory, every individual is driven by a goal to better their own situation, but when they are confused about their goals they might as well be headless chickens running around persuading themselves that they are safe when the coyote is breathing down their neck (the state)....I'm so done trying to save these people from their own ignorance maybe in some aspect they deserve the grief they have coming, but i do my best regardless, as they say libertarians are in0-humane? what a joke they cannot even come to term with their humanity they dont know themselves, in-order to judge others, they want to have a pseudo-dictatorship in their own mind, telling themselves that they are right because their elected officials advocate their non-sensical positions. fuck it fuck them. I believe in free market principals they made a bad investment in the wrong ideologies, maybe we who understand human action should not act as the federal gov't and bail them out of their own bad investment, we should not socialize among ourselves their faults.