Comment: here is the problem..

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here is the problem..

gov't never gives credit where it is due, it takes it, coercively. What mr. cornell west must understand is what many black intellectual leaders understood, specifically W.E.B. DuBois understood that a slave was only a slave because hw did not understand how NOT to be a slave, always subjugating himself to another man's beliefs Goddamn if anything the minorities shouldn't credit the state for their newfound "equality" [upper hand in all downtrodden situations] They should credit the likes of MLK and malcolm X and all of their intellectual leader instead of their legislative ones. further proving that the greed does not really lie within the confines of banker boardrooms but rather in everyday house holds in america, for whose to say that demanding unreasonable wages is not in it's self GREED to demand consumption without production IS criminal and it IS greedy whether these self-righteous statist's like it OR NOT!