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Count on your hands

I agree with the part about Certain Ron Paul supporters probably Should Occupy the Occupy and get the message out to them. Not all who have found Dr. Paul are cut from the same cloth though. Some are better at some things than others.

The thing about counting on your hands the amount of people though... Sometimes people will Never admit the seeds you planted grew. They'll argue with you and argue with you and only Sometimes, will you encounter them years later, sounding like you. I've no clue how many people I've influenced. If I think I've convinced maybe 3, the number might just be 3,000. If in my pride I'm sure I've convinced 3,000, I may have only made sense to 3.

Are you Registered as an (R) and are you going to be a delegate? If you've been working on That, for the past 4 years, there's a good chance people know you enough you might just get elected to the Electoral College like the guy sitting next to me at the State Convention eventually did. To me, that's more important than talking to OWS. All in my opinion. Is this a good time for a "WAHOR"?