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Comment: BUT Stop Class Warfare & Prioritize Ron Paul's Steps to Freedom

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BUT Stop Class Warfare & Prioritize Ron Paul's Steps to Freedom

Love Peter, and he's correct (of course)


The "Conservative" websites only play Peter arguing tax policy, and segments where the theme of the argument is an "us vs. them" - i.e between Peter of the 1%, and the Collectivist 99%. The 1% Elites within a system of Global Feudalism love this class warfare argument, because it insures continuation of that same Global Feudalism system!

Peter is terrific, BUT by focusing ONLY on Entitlements and Tax policy AS A FIRST PRIORITY, it only serves to continue the "Left vs. Right" / "Conservative vs. Liberal" / "Rich vs. Poor", form of the debate, wherein Entitlements become the issue used by an Elitist group to divide and conquer the people with - i.e., it gets one Serf fighting with another Serf.

And this is why only "the tax argument" of Peter's video is being shown on "conservative" sites.

Instead, while every Ron Paul supporter and Libertarian certainly stand against entitlements, i.e. - using government force to take from one citizen so to give to another, it misses the bigger enemy of freedom & system of Global Feudalism, and the root of that which continuously feeds such divisions - i.e. GOVERNMENT ISSUED MONOPOLY TO FED ISSUING FRACTIONAL-RESERVE DEBT MONEY - as opposed to Constitutional Sound Money for all.

Besides, most of the "tax" Peter pays, doesn't go as much to entitlements, as to the interest payments on BOTH Warfare AND Welfare debts!

Even Ron Paul (if you watched his Fox "Center Seat" Interview) recognizes that Entitlements would be the LAST bastion of Statism that he would eliminate (watch the video...). INSTEAD, RON PAUL EMPHASIZES A PRIORITIZATION TO REGAINING AMERICAN FREEDOM.

FIRST - Sound Money! No Fed & Banks compounding the debt burden of "the 99%". via fractional-reserve mathematics on DEBT. THIS is the source of Global Feudalism / Statism.

SECOND - Eliminate the Warfare State - return to a Non-interventionist America, powerful in trade and defense, but NOT a Statist Empire. The Warfare State's primary purpose is to enforce the "legal tender" / "reserve currency" status of the Fed-issued debt note global currency - both home and abroad - one hand serves another. But by bringing America's soldiers home, the USA would have a LOT of additional money and assets to look after our own sovereign state and citizens.

THIRD - after the first two steps have progressed, THEN begin to ratchet down the Entitlement society. That Welfare society owes it's existence to the lack of sound money and a Banking monopoly, just as a Warfare society. The debt-banking monopoly has lined the pockets of (almost) the entire Congress as Elites, and this insures a private banking monopoly over all human values trading within the USA(i.e., Fed debt notes as "money").

Instead, Peter's confrontation with OWS will ONLY be used by the Conservative blogs and sites, to focus on the THIRD step as a priority, insuring a class warfare mentality and a certainly that the FIRST and SECOND steps will never occur. These "tax amount" arguments will insure labeling the OWS movement as "The Left", and this will be balanced by labeling the Tea Party as "The Right", so they may be pitted against each other, RATHER THAN FOCUS ON WHAT PUTS THE 99% IN SERFDOM!

Eliminating the "Crony Capitalism" (as Peter puts it) of a Banking Debt Monopoly, i.e, a Statist Central Bank (which supports Government, which supports a Central Bank, which supports Government, which....on an on, ad nauseum), all of which has put the "99%" in the Serf role they find themselves, is something Peter and the 99% can AGREE ON!

Let's start with THAT FIRST.