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Think about it in terms

of poor countries where very young children have to work to help support their families. The families make so little income that having their 6 year old children is required to keep them from starving.

If some do-gooders came in and enforced child labor laws, it wouldn't help those families to survive. It would decrease the already small amount of income that the family has, and make it even harder to support their children.

The only way these families can afford the luxury of not sending their children to work is by raising their incomes and their standards of living, which can't be done by passing any laws.

I've heard stories about people from America interfering in third world nations by trying to enforce child labor laws, and it backfired because many of the children ended up going into illicit child prostitution rings. I hope we can all agree that as bad as low-wage child labor is, it is infinitely better than child prostitution.

For most of human history, poverty and suffering was an inescapable fact of life. Only relatively recently, with freedom, hard work, and technological innovation, have humans been able to overcome those hardships and allowed their children to be freed of the burden of child labor.