Comment: You're a hypocrite

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You're a hypocrite

First, you thank the guy "for participating in the Occupy Movement." and now you're calling him a turd.

Also, if you didn't notice, Peter was the one being civil and attempting to have an actual discussion; it was the others who didn't want to, and just screeched "get rid of the Bush tax cuts" over and over.

Why is it that you don't post about anything other than OWS?

Oh, is this the part where you respond with some childish comment telling me that I'm wrong, and then proceed to go on some copypasted diatribe about how the OWS is filled with "courageous Americans" and how they're not asking for bigger government, despite all evidence to the contrary? Is this the part where you call me a neocon for pointing all of this out?

You're so transparent it's not even funny.

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