Comment: Agreed and I would include

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Agreed and I would include

"As Ron Paul supporters, we need to target this population to get more votes for Ron Paul.

As you may know, the Obama administration is cracking down on medical marijuana."...

... after he publicly promised that he would not.

But that's just 1 of 3 ingredients to much larger recipe.

1. Med.MJ as you mentioned above. With this move Obama is threatening a dozen or more states who have legally approved medMJ. 75percent of Americans recently polled are not opposed to medMJ.

2. Hemp activist movement is as big as the MedMJ movement. Iowa stands between a dozen other states who have legally approved agricultural production of industrial hemp and Ron Paul, a President that won't confiscate property and destroy crops. Are Iowa corn-farmers and ethanol producers aware of the benefit hemp can have on their bottom-line?

Recent national poll has Americans split 50/50 on the issue of recreational use.
(I suggest avoiding directly advocating recreational use of marijuana - but instead advocate "criminal justice reform" via a cause that many within that particular demographic either monitor or activly support. I recommend...)

3. Free Marc Emery is well organized and global, has enormous online activist network, access to financial support, popular across North America, hugely popular in pacific north west and Canada.
Marc endorsed Ron Paul in 2008. Marc knows his cause has a friend in Ron Paul. But does his supporters know they have a friend in Ron Paul's supporters?
For 40 years they blame Republicans. Let them know we are the 30% of the GOP who respects their recreational privacy, and we need their help to tilt the balance. Facebook (or whatever) these folks.

Because Iowa is close to casting votes the immediate priority would be Hemp fuel/fiber campaign with extra-attention in rural Iowa.