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Yes, but we're not a third world country....yet

If you believe that we should have children working in this country, especially during a financial crisis, what would happen to the jobs of those adults that still have jobs? They would lose them to cheap child labor; more adults would be without jobs. Let's say that in a Free market society where jobs are very scarce, I own a business repairing electrical lines/transformers on telephone poles. I could fire my experienced linemen, and hire kids (kids are the greatest tree-climbers), paying the kids a tenth of what I had been paying. And if a kid gets killed, it's no problem, because I have Workman's comp, and there is an abundance of children to choose from out of a labor pool.

In third world countries where people are starving, yes, children have to work for the families to survive. Is that what we have come to? Are we so desperate as a people that we need to throw young kids into factories and service jobs that are dangerous? Mining jobs? Logging? How about police? Kids would make great policemen.

If that is what some people want, they don't have to worry, because we will be there real soon, given the way things are headed.

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