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Comment: I kind of second that.

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I kind of second that.

Peter is a partially right and partially wrong. I have admired his TV appearances since I have seen him on TV for the first time calling for RE bubble and in 2005 I knew the bubble exist ( I'm in RE for 20 yrs).
But, West has some points right.
Peter should clearly state that the marriage of gov and Wall Str. is the problem. He blames Washington and never clearly states, that this is a marriage from hell.
He wants OWS to move to DC. Nonsense! Only half of them should move there. He acts like its all Washington fault. Nonsense again!
He is great advocate for RP, but he looks like he either has some learning to do or articulate better our fascist state of affairs. The longer I'm listening to him the more I think the learning is the way to go for him. Sorry to say.