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Comment: Don't be so hard on Mr. Stewart..

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Don't be so hard on Mr. Stewart..

I have read allot of grumblings on Mr. Stewart's questioning or interview of Judge Napolitano. Some of these grumblings seem to infer that Mr. Stewart is or was trying to undermine the libertarian philosophy or discredit it. I don't know what Mr. Stewart's true motivations are or were because I do not know him personally or have had any conversation with him.

What I saw was a very respectful interview that Mr. Stewart gave, if anyone was paying attention, that has given some insight to the non corrupt progressive state of mind and the challenges of trying to get each side to understand each other. Try getting an interview with Cris Matthews or Bill O'Reilly to be this respectful of another persons point of view and to allow them to express their point of view without them shoving what they thing or want their viewer to think down your throat.

One of the biggest points was that the progressives don't trust the free market anymore because they don't understand that what we are going through is not a product of a free market but an outcome of government crony capitalism.

The progressive put a blind naive faith in the government to not be corrupt and for the moneys that it collects to not be wasted or mismanaged and to prosecute fraud. They also put a blind faith into the voters to stop voting the criminals into office. Eons of time has proven this to be not true.

Remember Mr. Stewart threw Ron Paul a bone after the Ames straw poll blackout. Why are some of those here so quick to throw Mr. Stewart under a bus because he has some respectful critical questions about libertarians. Is this not what some of this is about respectful critical thinking and questions.

P.S Judge Napolitano future supreme court nominee! This would be a good sight to see!

hope for the best