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Comment: Not Good at All

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Not Good at All

I am pretty disappointed by Napolitano's performance in The Daily Show. He couldn't answer Stewart's questions well at all. For the Judge it seemed that being in the show and trying to be funny (in which he failed badly) was far more important than trying to answer Stewart's questions as well as possible, that is, in a way that liberal based audience of the show would understand him and the libertarian philosophy.

If I would have not known the Judge and his thinking from other sources before-hand and this would have been the first time I saw him, I would have thought "what a annoying mafioso looking guy". I don't think his performance brought many new people to the Liberty Movement and many who already had a negative attitude towards libertarianism got confirmation to their biased attitudes.

Very sad.
On a more positive note I would say that this interview should be used as a learning material for future interviews and debates with progressives on the role of government. For the left wingers one needs to use other kind of language and emphasize different things than to right wing audience. He should have told in which issues people like Kucinich, Nader, etc. are completely on the same page with him. Or say that there is actually many left anarchists (Bakunin, Kropotkin as the extreme cases) who also understood the federal government as a brutal force. So the Judge's performance is great example what NOT to do with a liberal based audience.

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