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Comment: I cruised by OWS FB CA yesterday in my Ron Paulmobile

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I cruised by OWS FB CA yesterday in my Ron Paulmobile

Our local paper came out Thurs with lots of letters about OWS and an invitation to protest at BoA and Chase Banks. The soultion for now, was to move investments in the banks to the local credit union, where I've had an account since coming to DP. I decided to go to the CU since Halloween weekend and the end of the month was coming up. To do this, I need to pass up the banks and then make a "u" turn a block east. I did not remember that OWS was happening, so it was serindepity/kismet, that I should happen to 25MPH speed limit cruise past the OWS in my Ron Paul for president mobil. It has Ron Paul's smiling face happily looking from the back window. Some of them dropped their mouths when they saw me passing by. I park by the CU and to my suprize, here came a few of them to join the CU and I'm parked out front LOL! It was really a special moment that only a movie could plan. I can hardly wait for next friday ;)) REPUBLICAN RON PAUL 2012 Either you are for the Republic or for UN global empire, JOIN THE GOP TODAY!