Comment: Michael Moore confesses: I am the 1 percent

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Michael Moore confesses: I am the 1 percent

"Anti-capitalist film director Michael Moore has drawn fire in recent days for standing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters while failing to acknowledge that he is part of the “1 percent,” not the 99 percent.

Now the director of “Capitalism: A Love Story” and other documentaries has come clean and admitted that he is indeed among the nation’s wealthiest citizens, but without providing details of just how rich he is.

In a post titled “Life Among the 1%” on his blog “Open Mike,” Moore recalls how he made his first millions when he sold the distribution rights to his 1989 breakthrough hit “Roger & Me.”

At the time of his $3 million windfall, Moore says he was just getting by on unemployment payments of $98 a week.

So what did he do with his newfound wealth? Moore says he “proudly” paid nearly $1 million in taxes, used $1 million to establish a charitable foundation and spent the other $1 million on a new car, payments on a New York City apartment and more donations, including helping to rebuild a church that had been burned down in his hometown of Flint, Mich..."

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