Comment: What are bleeding heart liberals...

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What are bleeding heart liberals...

They like to save everyone from their mistakes by giving them more chances to make the same mistakes.

Why should American behave this way? You work hard for your money, why would you want to just piss it away by giving it to the poor in spirit for some booze, or drugs.

I have personally seen some people take in burned out bums and losers into their homes attempting to clean them up,(reform them) give them plenty of food and clothing.
Within a couple of days to a week the place is trashed. Why, because those lost souls (burned out with hate and blame) do not have the right attitude about live and living.

They would rather stand in judgement of those that have succeeded in life, then to strive to become a success by giving up the little resentments they have. Until these people change their minds, give up their hating and blaming, they will never going to stand up on their own two feet.

Many of these bleeding hearts really resent these mentally, spiritually and emotionally people, so they give in to feel good about themselves. That is a trap. Don't resent them, pity them. They are lost but by giving in and giving them all you money is wrong. It just cripples them and stunts their growth. They will never grow if you (government) keeps endorsing their state by coming to their rescue..

STOP RESENTINT PEOPLE and you will grow yourself and you will not feel guilty everytime someone holds out their hand for a free bee..

What the poor in spirit need is enlightenment, not a free ride from the government.

Here is how to help them..Go to..

Ask for coping strategies..Any type to resentment that has traumatized you, the technique in this CD will help you cope with life.