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Comment: Did I say this is "Breaking News" - "Stop What You're Doing"?

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Did I say this is "Breaking News" - "Stop What You're Doing"?

You're the one that jumped on this post with an attitude, not me. I made a post with a press release from Rod and court filings to inform people on this site of some news that may be beneficial to us all.

Then out of Smart-Ass Mountain comes Velveeta Underground with a derogatory and unnecessary attack.

Do you think the above post is "irrelevant"? If so, pass it by and don't be a jack ass. No one grabbed you by the hand and turned off your NASCAR and drug you down the street to read this. No one disrupted your cheeseburger; your local programming; your day at the park, etc.

You clicked the link and apparently didn't take the time to study the material given to you before you made your vile attack.

If you don't think it's relevant, then why not just pass it by? Because it just feels good to be an asshole I guess.

Good day!