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I'm not sure, but I know that Rod

has really put these judges in a bind with his filings. These rats are jumping ship and passing these hot potatoes to the next judge in line, hoping it will go away, and Rod keeps dragging them back into the ring for another round.

He's got the IRS on the run, the state of NC on the run, judges on the run .... lol

Read his site and links there, he's really putting them in a bind, including the judging presiding over these cases.

They keep moving the cases to other jurisdictions trying to confuse him and make it go away, and he grabs them by the shorts and says "Oh No Bubba, get your ass back in the ring and let me spank you some more".

I wish I could keep track of all his cases better, but if you listen to his archives and read his paperwork, the guy is really putting them in a bind.

Good Stuff!