Comment: I don't disagree with you

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I don't disagree with you

I don't disagree with you that tax revenue, in a way, represents our ability to pay interest. I also don't disagree that the monetary system is one of the most important and immediate threats to our sovereignty and our liberty. However, I suggest you should not be so quick to completely discount the effect of tax on governmental philosophy, which is inextricably linked with monetary policy.

Peter Schiff agrees with me that taxes are a reason for businesses going elsewhere. Yes, it is true that many business will seek the cheapest labor available anywhere, which is not in the US -- however, depending on the size and scope of their business, the amount of labor required, the product(s) the business produces, and the intended market for those products, many business owners would prefer to keep their companies in the United States. How can you deny that the corporate tax is a factor in their decision?

What percentage of US businesses are multinational corporations?

You accuse me of being akin to a sound byte from Hannity, yet your signature quote is a greatly hypocritical one from JFK. You should not give Hannity so much credit -- he often does not deal in logical responses and known processes.