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Pacific NW

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I get the feeling he's headed to FLA eventually.

Something cool happened the other night, when I posted my phone # for Zak. A guy called me out the blue and said, "this might sound strange, but I was on the DP, and saw that he was needing to get to FLA, and I'm leaving in a truck, from CA to FLA on the 2nd and I've got room."

I said "no, that doesn't sound strange. Ron Paul probably holds the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest family."

I thought that was pretty awesome.

RP is the only candidate where complete strangers can notice each other's bumper stickers,(or whatever) and carry on a conversation like old friends. Like being part of a secret society or something. I just wish the secret would get out to the rest of these knuckleheads......8)