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not leaderless but mindless

Lol, evidently you're not paying close attention, each occupy has leaders. The same people are routinely starting chants to block out other viewpoints and many of the organizers of occupys on the facebook pages are employees of civil representatives (ie. mayors aids). Those same people are leading the chanting that blocks out other people from getting points across to the group. No there are leaders and those leaders are the people the movement claims to detest. The ones that have serious anarchy possibility are also the ones getting more police attention. If you think this isn't being manipulated 100% at this point you are mistaken. What's worrisome is that it may get escalated like this, nothing would be worse than fighting a civil war with the goal of implementing communism as the driving force behind both sides. That being said I think people are starting to see through occupy at the same time some are galvanizing. Honestly, when Obama supporters show up I think the educated and wise walk away. This movement has support more in the sense that some are supporting their right to free speech. In terms of donations if this was a political party it would be DOA. They have had issues internally from day one and it's all ways suspect when the older generation agrees with Anonymous. They intentionally use methods that older generations despise. this movement has been such an ethical disaster for Anon that it fragmented twice over it. A99 appeared during the planning and took it over and the Collective has now formed trying to defend the constitution saying that the occupy movement is wrong, A99 aside from blogging is essentially dead, there are no hackers working with it. I think that the occupy movement seems to have degraded into incureable left wing fail.