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So that I understand...

...and because I have asked this question on that progressive bastion RawStory many times and never received an answer (much to my chagrin)...what the hell IS a progressive? What is it that you want from society and more importantly and specifically, the Federal Government? What is it about your world view that enables you to continue to believe that a Federal Government is responsible and much more importantly....capable of providing you with whatever will be on your list?

Until I understand how you see yourself, and because I have yet to receive a full definition of the popular self-visage, I'll not be able to understand your ultimate designs...which hopefully you'd care if I agreed with.

While I welcome your support of Dr. Paul as the lesser evil, I am a bit stupefied that you, having had to do some real soul searching to get here...just like the rest of us (many of us Bush voters), have not adopted a new and realistic view of yourself, your government and what is right and wrong about the initiation of force. By now, you must have learned about money. You HAVE to have read Creature and watched a few video's on money and monetary policy...right? Any thoughts on fixing that? Any thoughts on were the government largesse has been coming from?

Of course that statement above relies upon assumptions I have about your desires in the Progressive States of America, but I'd be happy to change those assumptions if someone would tell me what exactly it is that they believe...especially given that any and all requirements in your world would give power to people with guns to force me into your scheme. I may agree with some. I dunno. Enlighten me. Really. I'd like to see your America so I can understand.

That we agree that using guns and trading FRN's and our children's blood for cheap foreign oil is something worthy of fighting against together, I want to know who is on my flank and what happens when the guys in front of us are vanquished and the ammo cans are still well stocked. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Dr. Paul and our country the Pavlovian States of America where salivation is just another news report away...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?