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Like the original post hinted

Like the original post hinted at, just imagine the intrusiveness of any sales tax scheme. Nowhere is the Feds given those kinds of supervisory powers. Ditto for the income tax. If I make you a glass of lemonade and you give me a dime in return, no bloody way can any government with a reasonable claim to be civilized force us to "report" that, whether for sales or income taxation.

The founders funded government with tariffs. One of the few things the feds have any business being involved in is monitoring the national borders, including what comes in across them. Since they're already meddling, why not charge a few bucks for doing so? No massive increase in intrusiveness and spying required.

At the local level, let the locals decide how they want to raise revenue. I cannot see a better way than property taxes, but perhaps someone else can. Let people vote with their feet.

As for property taxes, what you are paying for is someone protecting your property claim. Why should you be able to call the sheriff to toss some vagrant off your land, without paying him for it? If you simply don't care, and don';t mind protecting your lot yourself, I cannot see why anyone should force you to pay anything, but I doubt many people would want to defend their own land themselves. Cheaper to just pay the darned tax and let the state do it.