Comment: No central computer is necessary

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No central computer is necessary

States collect sales tax by auditing businesses to be sure their numbers all make sense. Every now and then you'll read about a businessman who kept the sales tax receipts to spend on his business...and he gets fines and jail time.

A national sales tax would be less complicated than an income tax and less intrusive in our daily lives...except for the poor, who would pay a disproportionate amount of their income compared to the wealthy.

My first choice would be to fund goverment with duties, user fees, etc. and get rid of the income tax. However, if the only choice we have is to get rid of the income tax and replace it with a sales tax, I might support it...if the total amount of money collected would be the same or less than is collected now.

The burden of government does not change just because we change the mode of carrying that burden.