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You ask "why beware?"

Because the book is free and even you seem to be saying it is 99% correct, so why should anyone be discouraged from reading it? You admitted it would be silly to discourage someone from reading a book, so haven't you answered your own question as to why we should beware of someone who discourages others from reading it?

If people want to get second and third opinions, that is fine, but there is nothing of substance at the links you gave, unless I want to shell out $100 for the book, which may be good, or may be full of errors itself.

What happened to Pete is not going to happen to everyone who learns what he teaches and acts upon what they learn, so I'd take that dimes to dollars bet. They made a special effort to make an example out of him and in th eprocess made obvious to all careful observers that they are desperately afraid of the knowledge contained in his book becoming widespread.