Comment: "proven failure"????

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"proven failure"????

Do you and Dave Champion consider Pete's conviction to be proof of the supposed failure of his "method"? If so, I heartily disagree.

It is one thing to argue Pete may be wrong on some point or another, but anyone who thinks that a conviction in a federal court is proof of ANYTHING is not someone I am going to go too far out of my way to listen to. Come on. Do you think they could not railroad Ron Paul himself into prison if they decided to? or you? or ANYBODY?

If anything, Pete's "method" has been proven CORRECT by way of the government's ongoing campaign to suppress the book as cursorily reviewed here (also linked above in OP):

And if you read all the filings in those previous assaults, it should become even more obvious that Pete has it right. After all, it is not just what the government has done, but what it has failed to do, and what it failed to even attempt at his criminal trial!

You may be interested in reviewing Pete's appeal, which is set to be heard November 18th (almost halfway through his sentence)...

And this doesn't even get into the unfathomable incompetence of his lead defense attorney, who threw him under the bus.

Anyway, if you want to ENCOURAGE people to ALSO read --in addition to Pete's book-- Dave Champion's book and listen to his show (as opposed to discouraging them from reading CtC), go right ahead, but I would encourage them to also make sure they have read the two links I have just linked in this reply.